Genisco Resolves Fire Alarm Ground Faults with New Filter

Posted by Travis Posey on 09/21/2016

genisco fire alarm filterGenisco Filter Corporation introduces the GF58270-21 fire alarm filter, the only filter on the market proven to resolve recurring false ground faults indicated during self-tests of digital fire alarm systems.

For fire alarm systems housed in a secure room, the wire penetrating the wall can become an antenna that triggers a false ground fault, says sales manager Ignacio Peinado. Customers have come to us extremely frustrated with this issue. Short of installing a fiber optic system at a cost of around $20,000, the GF58270-21 is the only thing we know of that solves this issue.

The cost of the Genisco filter is around $400.

All Genisco filters can be tailored to a customers specific application, and their industry-recognized quality can usually be delivered in about half the time of competitive manufacturers.