Genisco Releases Space-Saving Quadpack EMI Filter Panel

Posted by Travis Posey on 04/20/2017

genisco quadpackGenisco Filter Corporation, the leader in the design and manufacture of EMI/RFI filters for power line, signal line, TEMPEST and custom applications, introduces the space-saving GFP88201 “Quadpack” high-performance filter panel. The Quadpack is 10 inches narrower and 20 pounds lighter than a standard 4x60/100 amp filter panel, with no reduction in performance or quality.

“We designed the Quadpack for any application where space is at a premium,” says sales manager Ignacio Peinado. “So customers with secure shipping containers, shielded rooms, military SCIFs, and other limited-space designs can get a premium power filter panel that takes up less wall space and is easier to handle and install.”

Quadpack filter panels are also available in 4x150/250 amp and 4x600/800 amp configurations. All Genisco filters can be tailored to a customer’s specific application, and their industry-recognized quality can usually be delivered in about half the time of competitive manufacturers.